July 23, 2012

Time To Attack! Sepang Round 2

Yesterday, I officially lost my track day AND Sepang circuit virginity as my dad, my brother and myself went to zerotohundred.com's Time To Attack trackday event. 

A trackday is an event where organisers allow anyone, in any car, at a race track to drive around as fast as they can to post the best lap times. They dont race against each other; just the clock. Registration for the event was sold out (100 participants) and drivers from Malaysia and Singapore brought in a variety of cars from modified Civics to Lamborghinis and even classic cars. There are a few categories which you can check out and lots more in the link above.

In addition to the track day, there was the display of Malaysia's first chrome wrapped car, the subject being an Audi R8. There was also a simple drifting display in the new Toyota 86 by Tengku Djan Ley and - my favourite part - the McKee Drag Info (not sure what the Info meant, but pretty sure its not Information) which saw a bunch of supercars drag racing 400 meters down the main straight.

The morning saw a heavy shower leaving the track wet until the early afternoon when the sun came out and cooked the circuit. I have never been wet and sunburned on the same day. The wet track nearly claimed one expensive supercar in the first drag session, another one DID crash (lightly) on a dry track while a Mitsubishi Evo 10 caught fire just as I was about to leave.

Without doubt, it was an awesome outing. And that's really all I can say... Round 3 will be on the 16th of December, will I be going again? We'll have to wait and see. Photos will be up over the next few days, in the meanwhile check out the videos of the drag races below~

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