August 21, 2012

Vision. Purpose. Blue.


I'm now on day 3 of my 2 week college break, at home, chomping on a watermelon slice. Today I shall present to you a short story of what happened last Thursday.


You most probably have never heard of the Blue Jackets; Malaysia's (I should say) premier supercar club where owners of any high performance ride for long drives, gatherings, events and such. In recent months they've been making a name for themselves by organising charity events, particularly for children. And as time passes, their membership (or as they call it brotherhood) is only growing bigger and bigger, and so is the support for them.

This year, my brother and I have followed them on a few of their activities such as:

Their drive to Phuket, Thailand (well not all the way to Thailand, just their starting point at Solaris Dutamas in Mont Kiara)

Their drag race event at Sepang

Project Mata Hati for blind children at Setapak

So then, last Thursday. They organised a charity buka puasa dinner for about... lol I-dont-know-how-many children at I-City Shah Alam. I wasnt able to join them there so the next best thing would be to go to their starting place at 10 Boulevard in Damansara. Now, I havent ventured to many parts of KL on my own yet so this being  a first, I was apprehensive. You know, one-wrong-turn-and-you're-so-screwed. So I studied Google Maps like it was an exam subject (speaking of which...) but luckily it was very straightforward from college.

So, after my first exam I stayed back for a while, had lunch, derped around a little and then made my way to 10-B'vard. About halfway there I saw the big, dark, scary clouds rolling in and I thought to myself,

"Vhat are you doing??????? You have another exam tomorrow and you're going somewhere you've never been before, alone, and with a storm coming!! You krazy!!@!!"

Once there I just lingered around as one by one Ferraris Lambos and Porsches started rolling in (together with the rain). While they waited some guys from Motorsports Playground (they do customawesome paint and wraps for cars) started plastering these on the cars:

Your guess is as good as mine that the Blue Jackets are really putting their charity works into high gear.

 Eventually I had to leave earlier before them (I intended to follow behind them, although an old Datsun probably wont keep up with them anyway) because it was nearing peak-hour traffic time and it was raining so I didnt want to get caught in a 2-hour crawl or anything like that.

That's when I thought would be the perfect time to try out Nokia Maps navigation system. Glad I am to report it worked perfectly AND, it's also free!* With newfound confidence in self-travelling thanks to Nokia Maps, that's one less deterrent to joining any Blue Jackets events in the future. To find out more and keep track of their activities, follow the Blue Jackets at And now I leave you with this simple fan 'art' created by yours truly~

*To make sure your Nokia Maps navigation doesnt cost you anything you first have to set the program into Offline mode which prevents any large amounts of data being transferred. You wont get the full functionality of Nokia Maps in offline mode but just to get you from point A to point B, it works.

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