December 29, 2010

A White (and red too) Wedding Part 2

So 1 week post-Kampar dinner and there I was in KL for the wedding ceremony of my dear cousin. That is, after driving there. Yup, 200+ kilometers, 4 1/2 hours, all me. Well mum gave a few direction pointers too. We took the coastal road, which as the name might suggest, runs along the west coast, which is slightly slower, but much cheaper since we dont have to pay to use the North-South Expressway. Kinda ridiculous how some of the long, smooth straights somewhere along Pasir Panjang are limited to 60kph. =/  What became even more ridiculous was when we got off the Guthrie Highway (part of the coastal road route) and entered Sungai Buloh, where traffic jams already started. We slowly made our way out of Sg. Buloh towards Puchong where the jams got even worse, so did the weather. Black skies, thunderbolts shooting down, big fat rain drops smashing (well not literally @.@) on cars and motorcyclists, bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Kids, always plan your trips to avoid reaching any part of KL around 4-5-6pm. Failure to do so will result in you going slower than walking.

Never have I driven in such treacherous conditions, and to think I'm still under P-license. I nearly rear-ended a Waja a few times because of the jam, trying not to let any of these mad KL drivers cutting in at the smallest of gaps. Being a passenger and a driver in KL are two worlds apart for sure.

Anyway with that episode over, we had a family dinner at my cousin's house in Puchong, catering, ice kacang and all, to bring up the cheerful atmosphere for the wedding the next day.

And yes, a cheerful one indeed it was. Here are the videos for your viewing pleasure~ :)


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