December 28, 2010


I meant to blog about fishing last week but then I sort of, well, forgot about it. And then a wedding came in between.

So yeah, last Thursday my friend Hon Tjiun came back from Singapore and took me fishing at Lumut. Never tried it before, and never saw it as something I'd do because it looked kinda boring just sitting in a boat (or standing by the water) waiting for fish to bite a piece of worm.

So after setting up our rods and bait (Live worms. Big fat juicy ones. And we cut them into smaller bits because the fish there were small. Then we put them on the hooks, wriggling and slimy, with our bare hands), we cast the lines out into the water. I sucked at first, because my line kept flying sideways rather than straight out, but eventually I got the hang of it.

It doesnt take long to wait for the fish to bite actually (or depending on the area I suppose), I could feel them nibbling and tugging the bait within seconds. So then I pulled back the rod, trying to hook the fish (did this many times throughout the day), but most of the time I couldnt actually catch them. They take a quick nibble and then swim away, then turn around, nibble some more, and repeat until the bait on my hook was completely eaten away.

So when I was reeling in the line to check if my bait was still there, I saw something small and white drawing closer towards me. I lifted it out of the water and............

My first fish!!!!!!!! *Eyes glimmer*

So then we went on for about an hour and a half, Hon Tjiun caught about 3-4 fish, I hooked another one (but sadly just at the edge of the water it managed to wriggle free). Maybe it's not the most exciting of activities, but fishing isnt that bad at all. :)

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