December 12, 2010

Top 5: Most Awesome Looking Roadcars

Want some automotive eye-candy? Here are my top picks:

5. Lamborghini Murcielago LP670SV

A snarling front bumper, a giant rear wing where you can hang your laundry, and an exhaust as big as a tunnel. The maddest looking modern Raging Bull out there.

4. Nissan Skyline GTR R34

Now, I must stress that it's only a stock, unmodified R34 that looks good, simply because almost every unit in existance must have some sort of external modification done to it; wild paint jobs, giant rear wings, radical bodykits, the like. This makes a stock R34 have that special rarity in its visual appeal. 

It's like a fine wine while others are a cocktail margarita mix. Lots of visual OOMPH,  but just not quite satisfying. A stock one is clean and pure. I like that. Mmmm...

3. Dodge Viper GTS

The first car I ever fell in love with. Need I say more?

2. Ferrari F40

A no-nonsense supercar, with strings as door handles, paint thin enough to see through to the body panels underneath, and the first road car (correct me if I'm wrong) to use carbon fiber in it's body, all in the name of automotive supremacy. It's design and styling alone deserves major respect, looking every bit the part of the first road car to reach 200mph/320kph.

1. Lamborghini Diablo SE30

This model in particular was built to commemorate Lamborghini's 30th anniversary. There's always something about 1990s supercars that have a magical appealing factor that modern ones dont. Is it the flip up headlights? Or the rounded rear lights? Or the massive rear wings? Whatever it is, the Diablo SE30, only available in this metallic purple (and strangely rather good looking) colour, is just simply hamana-hamana-hamana-hamana-hamana....

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