December 11, 2010

Facebook shooting themselves in the foot?

Surely, if you're reading this, you have a Facebook account. This morning, I opened up my profile to see this:

Now, when it comes to privacy I have to say that despite letting you control what you show others and blablabla, the things that you CANT control are what Facebook arent doing a really good job of.

First off, why would I want to show everybody what I write on others walls and my comments on a photo or status?

Why do I want to tell the world who are my new friends on Facebook?

Why do the things I write on friends' walls end up on their home page? If we kept writing on each others walls, it'll be like this in their news feed:

Why do I need to be shown what my friends talk about with people I dont know?

And why, WHY do I want people to see our overall friendships with each other, and even links to other friends?

Seriously Facebook, we dont want all this shit. But of course, you know that it's the only way people keep in touch, and if they leave they wont have anywhere else to go, so it doesnt matter anyway kan?

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