January 3, 2012

My two week break at home and looking back on 2011

Which also meant I forgot my new Google Account password, so I couldnt log in to blog until I came back to Subang and made a newer new password.

Well, it's been 3 1/2 months away from home and certainly a lot has changed in Sitiawan:

KFC has a brand new look and grew and extra floor

 One of mum's oldest cacti mati-pucuked

 The roads in our housing area have been tarred!!

 And we got street names now!!!!!
 there was also an office complex under construction, and I've been hearing stories that Sitiawan may be getting its own mall/Jusco/both(?!). Glad to see and hear the place is growing well *sniff sniff*

So yeah, two weeks in relaxing, homely paradise and soaking up all the small-townsy goodness of good food, easy traveling and fresh air, not to mention catching up with my two fellow stooges (you know who you are :3). I've never appreciated the goodings of Sitiawan so much in my 18 years staying here. Shifting to the big city finally made me realise all these.

Reflecting this past year, I really cant summarise it because of just so many things that went on. I got to watch the Tour de Langkawi stop by, had my first job, learnt about the passing on of my badminton coach just to name a few, and perhaps my favourite moment of 2011, this. Maybe 'eventful' is the best way to put it.

 So goodbye indescribable 2011, and hello 2012~

And I shall start off the year on the right foot(wear).

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