January 16, 2011

Before, During, and After

The day before I turned 18....

The 2-other-stooges, Chuah and Houey plotted to kill me take me out to dinner at Secret Recipe. How many of you know what's Garfield's favourite food?

Apple pie?

Nope. Its this:


I've always wanted to try lasagna, so hey why not? Also had french fries with cheese, an Oreo Cheesecake and a banana chocolate cake. Heh, those two boys first first kept asking me to pay, then Houey says:

"Aiya, bill should be around 70 like that la...."

Jeng jeng jennggggg....

One RM50 note flew out from each of their pockets.  Then we thought of going to Tesco  (yes Tesco Manjung is now open! :D) , but omgosh you should see the parked cars overflowing and spilling out into the nearby housing area. O.o So we went to McD then! So we sat and talked and talkedandtalked until Delia and Audrey came! LOL they went two rounds around the parking lot but couldnt find any space~ xD We talked and crapped and craptalked until it was 12, then they sang (in public......) The Ketchup Song Happy Birthday and the two boys gave me this!

Complete with red kung-fu headband! :D

It was weird staying out until 12.30am. Never been out that late before. o.O

The day I turned 18......

The computer came back! :D

The day after I turned 18......

I started work as a men's clothes promoter at The Store! :O

So for all of you asking what it's like, here you go:

What I do, basickallyyyy, is to just find the right size shirt/pants/jeans for people, write the receipts, and stand/walk around for 8 hours. Not literally promoting a product like what most of you would be thinking:

"Buy this drink! It very good and refreshing! Very cheap! Come buy come buy!"

Noooooo.... very very much different... So, today, I helped to sell 3 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of jeans, and 2 boxes of underwear. Yes, underwear. I'm awesome. xD It does take a bit of a toll on your legs, but I should be adjusted to it pretty soon. Thats pretty much it I guess. Pretty straightforward job if you ask me. Now let the moneys rollllll~

Who the hell buys plain water at Secret Recipe? XD

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