January 12, 2011

Top 5 School Moments

I was supposed to get this done before 2010 ended, but then the computer died. It was diagnosed with a failed motherboard (if you dont know, its the entire circuit board inside your CPU with all the components attached to it), which means all the innards and organs (except for the hard disk, RAM cards and graphics card) will be replaced. Technically, its a new computer, since almost everything inside is changed. Its like changing all of your body organs except for the liver and small intestines. So, technically, here's a little last respects for our Acer Aspire M1600...

You've been faultless in your (I feel) short 3.5 years of service, when suddenly *BAM* this happens. *salutes*

Okay now that's done...

What have we spent the first 11-12 years of our lives doing? Going to school right? And so, this first chapter of our lives is almost (if not at all) made entirely of what happens in and around school. So then, here are my top 5 memorable moments in school:

5. A birthday "surprise"

Not trying to be syok sendiri here aite fellas... It was my birthday last year, so I came to school like usual, had nothing to do in the morning, so I did some leftover tuition work from the previous day. Then friends started hushing to each other as one by one they left the classroom. Getting suspicious already. Then Arif walks in and calls the remaining classmates to go to the canteen. Ah, can more or less guess edi lah what everyone is up to.  Arriving at the canteen, indeed a bunch of friends were there, a cake was waiting there, and yeah, you know the proceedings. 

"Happy birthday to you.... happy birthday to you...."

Clap hands, blow candles, the norm. Well, it was a surprise in the sense that one CSW was wiling to go through all the hassle to do it, since I've never had such a celebration in school, but in the end, kinda figured it out to really be surprised. But still, memorable nonetheless. Awwhh you shweet shweet boy you CSW. =)

4. BSMM Camp 2010

I'll admit it wasnt a grand, fantastic, marvellous, stupendous, fantabulous camp, but at least nothing went wrong and nobody got killed. It was a lot of pain to plan and execute the camp, so I'm glad it came out alright~ :)

Watch a slide show of the camp here.

3. My first kis............. slap.

Ha, fooled you there didn't I? =3

It was 2008, we were in Form 3. Me and the new prefects for the morning session had to prepare a performance for the annual Prefects' Nite. So at first we thought of doing a parody-like sketch, with one of the scenes involving me getting slapped. We were just rehearsing, so I told the slapee, Delia, not to go full strength on me, but then apparently the word "dont" slipped out of her mind, and, well, you could imagine.

2. A hug from me, to you... <3

A classmate of ours, **y, who isnt what we'd call slim, brought this cute little furry-cloth pencil bag shaped like a ladybug. She held it close to her, squishing and hugging and cuddling it like her favourite pillow. Our dear Houey, who didnt see the hugging and the squishing, asked her to pass the pencil bag over to him.  Then HE started hugging and squishing and cuddling it.

"Erm, dude, she was hugging it earlier"

"So? I can hug it tooo..."

"I saw her pull it out from under her uniform. Like, between the blue pinafore and the white shirt underneath. She was squishing it against her, well, you know. her two 'chest fruits'"

And then he went

Priceless reaction. XD

1. That poor boy.

This was waaaaaaaay back in kindergarten. One day, I must have eaten something bad, because I suddenly had the urge to launch my breakfast out of my mouth. But, I was shy (awhhhh), so I was kinda hesitant to tell the teacher about it. But I had a handkerchief! I thought I would be able to hold it in (as I would find out, big mistake). We were seated with tables arranged in a 2 x 3 grid, so it was kinda like this:

Slowly, the urge to puke got stronger and stronger, trying to hold it in with one measly piece of cloth, until finally......

 Okay, the image isnt drawn to scale, but yeah, my vomit launched across two small tables, covering the boy opposite me in a slush of milk and half-digested food. I hope I didnt traumatise him.  But I'm pretty sure somewhere out there is one young man remembering some kid who threw up on him in Tadika Morning Star.

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