January 27, 2011

Tour De Langkawi 2011 in Sitiawan

If you've been reading the sports section in the papers or watch the television news these past few days (now doesnt this intro sound familiar.......), surely you'd know about the Le Tour De Langkawi taking place from 23rd January until 1st February.

Stage 3, took place from Taiping and ended in lovely Sitiawan yesterday, and fortunately I was able to be on site to witness the event. Dark clouds were looming so mum suggested I take the car. By the time I arrived some of the roads were already blocked off so I had no choice but to park a bit far and walk to the finish line. Howeverrrrrrrr, just as I was about to get down the car, (surely enough) it started raining cats and dogs. Could've taken a photo of the rain from inside the car to show you how bad it was... grrr

So I grabbed an umbrella, and wrestled through the rain and gusts of wind. By the time I reached the finish line though:

The rain stopped, but as you can see the roads are completely wet. So yeah I stood about 50 meters from the finish line and waited until the riders came in. Have to admit the LTdL theme song is really catchy. Anybody know where I can get it? =]

So here's the rest of the pics along with videos of the end of the race and a walk of the rest area. Seeing how I've only witnessed the race passing Sitiawan twice (and even that, was when I was at school when they cycle by), this was the best LTdL experience yet, and no, the rain didnt dampen spirits one bit. ;)

 Syahir dropped by for a surprise visit~ 

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