February 7, 2011

See-Ann-Why 2011

This year's was.... well, nothing spectacular really. I was still working on CNY eve (and surprisingly The Store was still jam packed full of customers. Quite literally last-minute shopping), got to watch the fireworks from all over Sitiawan/Kg Koh, enjoyed home cooked dinner after 2 weeks on a diet of buns, buns, BUNS!!!!! 

Then spent the first 2 days just lazing at home, where I've started watching my first ever Japanese Anime!


It's called Wangan Midnight, a story about a young boy named Akio who discovers this mysterious (and very fast) blue Datsun 240Z which is nicknamed "Devil's Z" because of it's many accidents with previous owners. Along the way Akio is challenged by many other street racers around Tokyo, while he himself tries to beat the untouchable Tatsuya in his Porsche 911 Turbo (aka Blackbird) to be Wangan's fastest racer. 

Just FYI, the Wangan is the longest, straightest stretch of highway in all of Japan, making it a prime location for street racers to reach speeds of over 300km/h.

As of now, I've watched 17 out of 26 episodes, so no spoilers please!!!

Okay then on Saturday we headed down to Kajang to visit our relatives, had a dinner together, talked, laughed, 

drank some of this Baileys Irish Cream
which is a gin + whisky + chocolate drink. When it first enters your mouth you pick up the alcohol, and leaves a creamy chocolate aftertaste. Mmm... :

It's a bit light-brownish, something like ice-blended coffee maybe, but thick (as the "cream" in it's name suggests).

and we laughed some more....

On Sunday we hopped over to Puchong to visit more relatives and then for lunch we headed to a restaurant called Lorong Seratus Tahun in Subang Jaya

which got it's name from (I guess) a hawker street in Penang that has been around for a hundred years. Most famous for it's Penang Curry Mee:

a mix of mee and bihoon with prawns, sotong, see ham (cockles) and fu chuk (I think). Also comes with a separate container of curry paste if you'd like an extra BOOM in your bowl.

This is 3 Colours Tea. The top is the tea, the middle is the milk, the bottom is, err.... something. A strong milky taste it has.

Sorry for the lack of autofocus. It reads "Featured on TV3's Jalan Jalan Cari Makan on 10/5/2009"

And then on Monday, here I am~

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