February 14, 2011

A Public Service Announcement to my fellow bloggers

Notice my Cbox (and my friend's one in black from another blog) have messages from people we dont know.
 (Cynthia, Maryanne, mm and Sally)

 Notice Cynthia and Sally's names are linked (not to mention Sally's message is weird).

Upon following Cynthia's link, I reached here:

 And my Web Of Trust (a Firefox add-on that detects bad websites) shows this website has rather poor overall safety ratings.

Over the space of a few weeks, I've had many visitors on my Cbox similar to Cynthia and Sally; suspicious messages and links to unfamiliar (and unsafe) websites, as you can see I've banned:

Me thinks there are some spammers going around my blog and slowly moving on to my friends' blogs. So, (especially you, Sikuk) if you do see such foreign names with weird links (example below)

and weird comments in your chat box or blog comments, ignore (or better still, delete and ban) them. They may look friendly, (dont buy the "From Ipoh with love" thing, Sikuk. Its just a trick to get your attention.) but they actually arent.

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