February 12, 2011

An example of Prejudice towards Buddhism

What do you think or feel when you read this? Let me tell you what I think.

Who ever taught these Christians (the evangelic one who wrote the comment and the 2 people who liked it) that Buddhists are seen as mere targets for them to spread their religion around?

Is it cool to have so many Buddhists around not because of religious diversity and harmony, but instead just because you can preach more and gain more Christian followers?

Now, I'm sorry, but do not ever think that just because we're Buddhists (or any non-Christian), you can just preach and evangelise us as you please. Does this come from your assumptions that Buddhists are less enthusiastic about our religion as compared to you and Christianity, therefore we are easily influenced and converted?

Yes, there are Buddhists that arent really educated about Buddhism, and/or do not really have a strong grasp and understanding of it, but that does not mean you can just take advantage and convert their religion as you wish. Even if the Bible teaches you to spread the gospel, what about your own fellow Christians who are not as holy? Dont you spread it with them?

 I'm not writing this in an attempt to criticise another religion, but I find it absolutely one-track minded and borderline selfish of this person to perceive Buddhists simply as people to be evangilised for Christianity's sake. And I know there are many more of these people around. I might even call it slightly disrespectful. We too have our own beliefs and ways of life based on Buddhism. We do not interfere with Christians (or any other religion) or preach and spread the word about Siddhartha Buddha just to gain more followers, I only see it fit other religion practitioners do the same. It's only up to the individual what he/she wants to follow, not the preachers to influence him/her into making a decision.


  1. wow yeah! exaccctttlllyy dude. some religious people just can't leave us alone. but i didn't know this is how they think of those who's going to a different direction with them. am feeling kinda offended D: