January 29, 2012

Chinese New Year 2012

It started great; Papa Chan, Mama Chan, Tai Lou (big brother) Chan and "Little" Chan (me :P) all back in Sitiawan for reunion dinner. For the first time I helped prepare dinner (yay!) so I felt proud (cewah cewah) when later at night we all sat around since last year's CNY and had wonderful dinner together.

The bestest best meal I've had since mum stopped cooking after my SPM.

Then we sat down together-gether and watched Ip Man 2, still awesome even though I've already watched it before.

And then we had the usual fireworks, but not as nice nor as many as last year's...

But I'm very satisfied with the new Nikon's video recording abilities.

We just chilled on the first day, then went down to KL on the second. It's a lot quieter this time around... Most of my relatives are now overseas working or studying, my ah yee and yi jeong stayed in Tapah while I was in KL, so not much catching up could be done. Then at night me and my brother were supposed to treat our uncle to a Korean BBQ dinner at DaoRae, USJ because he had let us stay in his apartment rent-free. We made it VERY clear it was to be from us, to him

 *le BBQ*

Imagine his kelicikan when he persuaded the waiter over to pay the bill with his credit card. WHAT!
Jokingly he and my aunt said "KL is not our territory, so we have no 'right' to belanja them makan" and "I'm still not working so I do not qualify to treat them yet". I bet you've never seen a good deed being 'stolen' like this.

And then the next night, they said THEY wanted to treat US to dinner, because "my mum only goes to visit them once a year now". Farny lah my uncle, can make up any kind of excuse... Anyway this one was a Chinese dinner somewhere in Cheras. So after om-ing and nom-ing I thought maybe my brother could avenge our stolen treat....but no. Didnt even flinch. Maybe he was scared to 'fight' for the bill or something.

After our trip to KL we went back home, relaxed some more, and then came Saturday when Ah Jib Kor came to town for his national open house.

My dad and I went, but our visit was cut short when, after Najib's arrival, my dad noticed his wallet was missing. Not dropped, but stolen. My allowance, his documents, gone. After making the police report the inspector said 11 similar cases happened at the event. Since it's still CNY celebration time I shall not curse. I'll just hope karma does its required job to these people.

A sour way to end my CNY celebrations in Sitiawan...

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