January 16, 2012

My 19th birthday.....

Sucked. Here's why:

1) The day before was my practical exam which I felt I did poorly and was worried about jeopardizing my scholarship and making my parents burn RM1000 to repeat the subject. 

2) Early in the afternoon I received news from a certain someone (not telling for privacy), that somebody is having a problem happening to her brain. Apparently he couldnt wait for me to finish enjoying my special day before telling me this. Now I can only pray everyday that she will be okay and recover from whatever it is she's having.

3) My friends Imran and Felix thought of meeting up with me at Lamborghini's showroom in Glenmarie. I had checked with forumers (not a 100% reliable source as I've learned) earlier and a member said it is open to public visitors. While waiting for them to arrive I asked the guard if I could enter. After hearing my reason of "just wanting to see the cars" he gave me a straight Tak Boleh. Why? Apparently only people with prior arrangements with the staff or members of the media are allowed to enter. He gave me the office number; I called them, same answer. So if you dont have any official business with them, you can gEt LoST. Full of confusion, disbelief, and the urge to chop off that forumer's hands and feet I posted my experience to the forum. His reply came that that was the case with their old showroom in Sunway, and was 'shocked' that they apparently have changed attitude.

So then I spent my day doing nothing but being frustrated, bored and worried.

Some things did cheer me up a little however:

My dad took me to Putra Stadium in Bukit Jalil to watch the quarterfinals of the Malaysian open on Friday evening. Despite the stadium being only about quarter-filled the crowd still made quite some noise, especially supporting Jan-O-Jorgensen vs Chen Jin and our mixed doubles pair vs Singapore. We were anticipating a fiery match between Chong Wei and Taufik Hidayat, but sadly it was a very anti-climatic one when Chong Wei won 21-9 21-18. 

 Giant overhead scoreboard

 Chen Long vs Sho Sasaki

 Saina Nehwal vs Tine Baun

Chen Jin vs Jan-O-Jorgenson


 Look who joined the family!! What, not a DSLR? Boo...........

 This is our new Nikon S2500 which will replace our current Olympus FE330. I got this at a super special price of RM310 with 1 year Nikon Malaysia warranty from a shop in Section 14. After complaints about the lousylaupeklauya video recording quality of the Olympus I strongly felt it was about time for an upgrade. The videos above were recorded using this camera and I feel it does a pretty good job at it. Definitely though, it does the job miles, kilometers, kilograms and tons better than the Olympus. Will be looking forward to many years of supercars and exotics hunting with this new toy. :)

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