January 15, 2013

My 20th Birthday

It started off like any other Monday... Wake up early, go to college, class which was really boring. I almost fell asleep even~ A few of my friends wished me.

Class over, time to go back for lunch. So I bought my normal chap farn, some chicken bits and veggie for RM3.50. Mmhmm.

When  I got home, there laid the surprises on my bed....

Only from my brother and daddy dearests <3 . I just beamed and giggled like a little boy admiring them for hours. Then I replied some wishes on Facebook, then at 2:04pm while I was having lunch I got a call from an unknown number who wished me happy birthday.

Eh? o.O

Then it struck me it was Rachel!! who amazingly dropped her phone down the toilet a few days ago and borrowed a friend's phone to call and sing me a sucky birthday song. Since she lost her phone she asked me for my number so that she could call. Then I told her to call after 2. And when she did I forgot it would be her. Aiseh me....... 

And then after that, some blasted neighbour in the same apartment block as me decided they wanted their balcony to be sealed, so on went the renovations which gave me a birthday headache. >__<!

Then I took a half-nap (half asleep half awake), waking up initially with the headache throbbing furiously and then slowly residing. Then I suddenly had the mood to go jogging, which I havent done since my accident in November. 

So while I was getting ready my ever hamsaplou friend Houey called!! I cant remember the last time we contacted each other.  o__o And yet after so long we havent drifted apart an inch. :)

 After that I went to the stadium to jog... which wasnt too long because the headache acted up again. >.< But at least it was good to get out and sweat a little.

After my short workout it was rest time before going out to Manhattan Fish Market in Subang Parade with dad and brother. famous for their fish and chips, naturally that was what I went for. We also had mushroom soup, and shared a combo plate of rice chicken scallops fish fingers and chips.

Dory fish is the most awesome fish ever!! The texture is just so soft and a joy to have mushing around your mouth. I wonder if mum can do something with them for CNY. hehehe.

Anyway, what we discovered was their clever tactic of serving a smaller fish portion and going overboard with the chips. Not only are they FAT, they served a whole lot of them! But overall its a great place with great quality food and drinks.

Oh and while we were looking for parking we stumbled upon this!

With a very stuffed tummy, that's how my first 24 hours of entering a new age era ended. It wasnt as epic as last years where I got to watch the Malaysian Open live at Bukit Jalil, but at least nothing was there to ruin the day. Okay, the headache might have been an annoyance.

I woke up then, this morning, with the dawning upon me how those 24 hours just flashed by so fast... too fast. Just like that, *snap* another birthday has come and gone. It's not that it wasnt grandly celebrated, its just that, it didnt feel like it lasted as long as it should.

Oh well. Cheers to the age of the 20s now!

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