January 6, 2013

2013 kicking us in the teeth already

Gosh, if the months leading up to the end of 2012 wasnt rough enough, there had to be some spillovers coming into 2013...

To start off, dad's back problem which amazingly went away few weeks ago has returned. It isnt as bad as the first time, but yeah. Recurring pains isnt welcomed by anyone. Hopefully physio will fix it soon enough.

Within half an hour of returning to KL, I got a call from dad that my brother's car broke down (distributor failure). Again. This is the 4th incident involving our cars in 2 months. What hasnt been mentioned here was a breakdown (another distributor failure) AND an accident which damaged his front and rear left-side suspension while my Datsun was under repairs. Luckily it should be a quick and (relatively) cheap fix. 

With one car temporarily out of order, my brother took dad's Myvi while dad borrows the Datsun. Then dad calls to tell me the Datsu's engine keeps dying out. Hopefully a quick adjustment of the carburetor will fix it.

Back at the apartment, I find that my laptop's wireless connection has stopped working. So now I have to use a LAN cable to connect to the modem. So now I cant use my lappy from the comfort of my room.


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