February 15, 2013

Moving on...

Happy Chinese New Year 2013!

Yeap, that time of the year again. Back to Sitiawan for the reunion dinner

Going back BACK to KL to visit the relatives. Our first major gathering in... I think 2 years.

Just had a reunion with some of my ex school mates

Got itchy-fingered with my cousin's PS3

It was all nice and well. No really, it was. I enjoyed it.

But one morning, as I woke up but remaining in bed, thoughts circulated my mind. I have been mentioning more and more of my upcoming internship, due to start at the end of April and ending in October (hopefully). By the end of that, I've made my decision to start work right out of college. Get experience younger. Stop being a burden sooner. The earlier I work, the earlier I commit myself to the working life. No more semester breaks. Almost no more chance to go back to Sitiawan and see my mum. Chinese New Year might be the only time. Unless I get enough annual leave to make a trip or two back. Which I should I guess. And during this internship period, some of my close friends will be flying off to other countries to pursue their studies.

We're all moving further apart as we go along our own paths in life.

We're all moving on.

I see college/uni life as the bridge between the time spent in close company with family during our younger years, and the time we step out into this big world on our own two feet. Soon enough, we all will be leaving  these things behind as we move on to build our own lives. Nobody can run away from that. We all will have to face it. My turn is coming soon. Sooner than most of us. This next 7 months that I will be away from home, 6 of which I'll be working, will be the trial period of this third phase of life. 

I got out of bed that morning with a little lump in my throat and a "hati sebak" feeling. So did I when I wished goodbye to my friends this evening. So will I when I say bye to my mum on Saturday.

Time to move on.

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