February 28, 2013

For the first time in my life....

...I've overslept tremendously through my alarm clock. I opened my eyes, wondering why on earth is the sky so bright. Why do I not remember my alarm ringing. One look at the alarm clock, 7:21am. A full one hour and thirty minutes past my wake up time. How on earth was this possible.

Okay, so I took a rather luxurious nap yesterday afternoon, which meant I couldnt sleep until 1am this morning. But this wasnt the first time I slept that late/couldnt sleep on a weekday. I've had it a few times even in my schooling years. 

But to sleep right through my alarm like as if it never existed, damn. A historic day indeed for me.

And yet, my  classmate thinks I can still reach college from Subang by 8am. I wonder if he's experience morning rush hour before. Well I think he should since he's also from Subang. With the rational and logical thinking of... a pack of sugar, I still washed up, changed up and tried going anyway. Pfft. 8.10 and I was still stuck in Subang. Screw it lah. Even if I reach college I'd be marked as absent, and tuapekkong knows how long would I be sitting in the jam. 

So, here I am. Wondering if lightning will strike twice.

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