September 14, 2012

MostSupahAwesomeWeekend Part 3

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

The owner of the two machines you see above was very sporting/awesome to have arranged a photoshooting session with Naza Italia specially for my group of supercar hunters. About 40 of us came for the session and since a lot of us have never met before (we're a Facebook group) it was a great chance to put the faces to the Facebook names.

I had reached Naza at 11.20 but to my surprise I wasnt allowed inside because of an open house at the adjacent Naza World showroom. I had to then drive waaaay down the road and park at the designated Amway parking area. Luckily shuttle service was provided.

Once arriving I wasted no time getting to the photos. I managed to sit in the Gallardo's passenger seat but thats about it because everyone had queued up for the driver's seat and the Ferrari. 

After we were done outside, we went inside where the owner had helped to give us access to the Enzo, 430 Scuderia 16M and the 599 60F1 (which I wasnt really interested in). When I said access, I meant being able to open the doors and engine bays and taking close ups of the cars; something not possible to do on any other day.

Definitely, the star of the show was the Enzo with its majestic doors and beautiful V12 engine. It was the first time any of us went "WUAAAAAHHHH" when the doors and engine bay opened up. 

Our photoshoot session wasnt able to be too long because Naza Italia had an event for their customers at 2.30pm and we had to wrap up by 1.30. But still, chances like this dont come too often although the owner is looking forward to having more photo sessions in the future.
Something I will always be looking forward to.
Want photos?

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