September 7, 2012

Dropped a brush down the toilet

Yep. Just as the title says.

So I wash washing clothes and using this brush the size of my hand for scrubbing. When I was done I put the brush beside me. Then, in a magical Mr Bean moment I knocked the brush behind, only for it to tumble down the golf hole for solid, liquid and in-between excrement materials.

Luckily, the previous tenants left behind a makeshift hook with a bent fork handle tied to a metal broomstick. As I tried digging the brush back up I felt that the bristles side was facing up, meaning I couldnt hook the brush. To make matters worse the brush was stuck.

So then I used a broken golf club I found thrown out a few months ago to try and dislodge the brush. I succeeded, but also succeeded in shoving it further down the piping, now only left at the mercy of flowing sewage water and waste materials e.g shit and piss, more pipes, and perhaps the Indah Water truck. So if you work at Indah Water in the Subang USJ area and you find a blue, rectangular plastic brush with hard bristles....

you can keep it.

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