September 11, 2012

MostAwesomestWeekendEver Part 2

With not a single prancing horse in sight, I set about.... waiting. Coincidentally I met several supercar hunters who also decided to forgo half a morning's worth of sleep for this convoy.

We sat around, chit chatting for about 10 minutes, and then......

 One Ferrari after another started roaring, thundering, and rumbling in to Jalan Bukit Bintang for about 20 minutes, eventually filling up half the road.

Me and my hunter friends let loose all over the place, taking in the sights sounds and smells. Yes, a line of hot Ferraris do emit a unique sort of scent you wouldnt find if they were all normal cars. At about 8.30, the convoy started their journey. Jalan Bukit Bintang came alive as a total of 70 Ferraris from Malaysia and Singapore combined to turn every head along the walkways. 

and to close of Part 2.....

Third and final segment coming soon. :)

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