September 10, 2012

MostAwesomestWeekendEver Part 1

It all started on Friday night, I received news of an abnormal number of Ferraris around KL city. An hour or so later, a tip off that its a convoy that would be leaving from the Westin Hotel at 7.30am the next morning.

Initially I wasnt so sure about going given the time, the distance, the thoughts of venturing into the city... alone. In the morning darkness. Cripes. But anyway I set my alarm for 5.45am (because the first bus leaves at 6) just in case I decided to go, and at someminutes-past 12 I went to bed. 6 hours later I got up, strangely with my phone wedged underneath me when I had left it on the table. I'm already 15 minutes past my set time, so a quick wash up, half-job with the clothes and hair I went off to the bus stand. 10 minutes felt like an hour standing there. Luckily others were waiting too, so some sense of safety restored there.

Along the route, every stop the bus made made me twitch and internally shouting at the driver to give no f***s about the others and just go straight to KL Sentral. Stopping to pick up one old lady. Stopping to let down one uncle. Stopping to let down one aunty and her son. GARRRRRRRHHHHHH DONT STOP!!!! I kept looking at my watch... 6.30.... 6.40... 6.50.... 6.55am I reached KL Sentral. If it were daytime with more passengers boarding and alighting and the traffic I'd probably have missed the convoy already.

Up onto the monorail, and 7.10 I'm down at Times Square. It's a bit of a walk to Westin Hotel, but with 10 minutes to spare, I made it! And.......

Nothing. What kind of Ferrari convoy is this supposed to be?

*To be continued*

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