April 18, 2014

Post #200

I mark this blogging milestone, with my official resignation from -----.

Exactly 2 weeks ago I received confirmation of my offer to rejoin Mercedes as a frontliner (whoa). That same day I printed out my resignation letter which I had drafted another 2 weeks earlier. Presenting it to my manager, I saw the look on his face and hearing the tone of his voice saying "Oh shit this cannot be happening".

Despite needing only to give 24 hours notice as I was not a confirmed staff, I offered to clear off as much outstanding jobs as I can. I didnt do much clearing for the first 1 week or so due to the massive pile of paperwork I had to go through before closing the jobs. It was only on Tuesday that I managed to close off the bulk of my work, totaling about RM40,000 or so.

So, on my last day.  I parked a customer's car too close to the concrete curb (holyshit). The bumper (which was very newly painted) just barely cleared the height of the curb but the exhaust pipe took a little scraping. And to think I'm handling cars 2-10x more expensive next month. Gugh. Thankfully I have liaised with the customer several times before so I hope he lets us off without needing to answer to the big bosses.

After shaking hands and exchanging well wishes with the workshop guys, I went out for a farewell drinking session (first time everrr!!!). We had a bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label (!!), some beer, pizza and potato wedges. I actually felt the buzz in my head after about 3 small glasses, so I decided to go easy after that. Good thing I could still walk straight and drive home safely.

My manager was full of praises for me. From my punctuality to my inquisitiveness, my attitude to being able to ask solid, logical yet unanswerable questions (i.e having intelligence), he expressed his regret how he was not able to retain me in the team. In fact, I was claimed to be the first ever departing employee from the branch under his charge to be treated to a farewell drinking session, because that was how much he valued and appreciated me.

However, amongst all the words he said to me last night, one phrase will forever be engraved in my memory; a confidence booster, a symbol that I am worth more than I thought. This, from a manager to his 3-months short subordinate:

"I know, that you will make it big one day; and when you do, I will be very proud enough to say that I had worked with you."

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