April 29, 2014

Dear Datsun...

You've been my main means of transport since I moved down to KL in 2011, effectively being handed over from dad. You're officially my first car.

You've been mechanically solid and reliable during these 2.5 years; your only malfunction was the fuel pump, and that wasnt changed since it came out from the factory 31 years ago.

We've been through some interesting times. You had your battery stolen, your window smashed, and how can I forget that accident that left you with a broken door. Or that time dad ran you over the curb and ruined both right-side tires.

And yet, you carried on rolling, day after day, getting me where I want to go, when I want to go and never put a foot (or, wheel) wrong. I'm most happy and thankful for that.

However, your moodiness in refusing to start during cold weather recently became the headache of the family. How would I go to work? Its so troublesome to get help in the wee hours of the morning from others, especially on short notices. And with the rainy season in full swing, you've been giving that problem easily once or twice a week.

Sure, if I were back in my hometown I can just use my bike. But what about in KL? When my workplace is some 15 kilometers away? Am I going to be riding a bike along highway?

Eventhough you've been 99% fail-free under my use, your troublesome starting has become too much for us to  handle. Today, I hand over your keys to mum. She's still learning the technique on trying to get you started and warmed up in the mornings. Do give her your best co-operation and keep the breakdowns clean-sheet going for many more years. 

You may be slow, noisy and creaky and have some minor niggling problems, and have side mirrors on the front instead of by the door, yet you've positively appealed to a number of people and even my friends (I think). And I liked that; it sort of gave you a character, a personality. I'm gonna miss that. I'm gonna miss driving you.

Goodbye Datsun, thanks for all the miles you've served me.

And hello....

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