April 6, 2014

Ferrari Racing Days 2014

This post has been overdue for over a month. Gosh.

So on February 21st to 23rd Ferrari S.p.A (as in, the main Italian company itself and not our Malaysian dealer) organised a weekend trackday event at Sepang, called Ferrari Racing Days 2014. The event was mainly in conjunction with the Ferrari 458 Challenge Asia Pacific championship with round 2 being held here, but Ferrari decided to bring many many extra toys along.

Firstly was the XX Program where 20 of 599XX Evolutions and two FXX Evolutions were shipped in for respective owners to lap around Sepang. The XX models are prototypes with never-before used technologies for R&D purposes on future road cars. They are blisteringly fast as they are loud and ear-drum shattering.

Next was the Ferrari 458 Challenge Asia Pacific championship. Qualifying was in the morning followed by the race in the afternoon. There was a very thrilling fight from 3rd to 7th throughout the race as well as a crash which I so happened to be at at the right time to capture it on video. Too bad I wasted my camera battery on the not-so-exciting qualifying session.

Aaaaaand after that was the Formula 1 Clienti program where one ultra-privileged individual gets to go about in the ultimate racing machine from years' past. Ferrari had brought in the dominant F2002 and also the F2007 (I think), however something must have prevented the F2007 from making an appearance on track. Shame that. But to witness an actual, championship winning Formula 1 race car especially from the glory days of Ferrari and the V10 engines was.......... well.

Lastly was the Ferrari owners mega-parade where some 120 Ferraris gently plodded around Sepang for two laps. Somewhat anti-climatic but seeing one portion of Sepang full of Ferrari sports cars is something you wont get that often.

I think I need not mention what the whole experience was like yes? :)

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