May 6, 2012

Spotted: Labour Day Pavillion Special

 Nobody appreciates Labour Day as much as those who are really working. Even as a trainee technician I already relish it more than a student who merely sees it as less one day of class. Hoho, come to the working world and you'll be kissing its feet.

So to spend my day off, I hopped on the U63 RapidKL bus to KL Sentral and then took the monorail into the heart of KL city for a day of exotic car hunting. After a quick sizzling-plate noodles and teh tarik lunch at the food court (the best I've seen so far), it was off to the valet parking for a day of buzzing around, waiting, capturing and recording. And boy was it a day well spent. Dont forget to explore the photos!

TVR Chimaera-

Maximum power: 240-340bhp
Top speed: 245-282kph
0-100km/h time: 5.1-4.1 seconds
Estimated price: RM140,000

 Audi R8 V8-

Maximum power: 420bhp
Top speed: 302kph
0-100km/h time: 4.6 seconds
Estimated price: RM500,000++


Maximum power: 500bhp
Top speed: 320kph+ (claimed; without electronic limiter)
0-100km/h time: 4.7 seconds
Estimated price: RM450,000++

 Looks familiar? This is the same Porsche Carrera from my day in Sunway.

 2012 Aston Martin Rapide

Maximum power: 470bhp
Top speed: 303kph
0-100km/h time: 5.3 seconds
Price: USD 200,000

 A pair of Nissan GTRs

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640

Maximum power: 640bhp
Top speed: 340kph
0-100km/h time: 3.3 seconds
Estimated price: RM1 million


Maximum power: 500bhp
Top speed: 305kph without limiter
0-100km/h time: 4.1 seconds
Estimated price: RM400,000++

Maserati 3200 GT

Maximum power: 365bhp
Top speed: 280kph
0-100km/h time: 5.1 seconds
Estimated price: RM200,000

What's your flavour? :)

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