May 24, 2012

6 - 2 = big problem

Last Saturday, my intern co-worker had completed his internship period at our workshop. Since this Monday, our clerk had not come to work and today we found out that she ran away from her job because she couldnt handle the treatment from our manager (he has an extremely short fuse and if ever the fuse burns out he becomes an atomic bomb. I've already been on the receiving end a few times, thankfully not as explosive). So in the space of two days our workforce has shrunken to 1 manager, 2 technicians and 1 newbie (ME!). 

Yesterday was a showcase of how much of a difference 2 less staff makes. All of us were working non-stop and at some points one job was neglected for another job. We worked an extra hour and I was really tired. Thankfully today was a free and slow-paced day so I could recuperate. I cant imagine what Saturday will be like when more customers prefer to send their cars in.

On another note, last Sunday I went to Sunway Pyramid with my dad and brother. We stopped by Popular and I chanced upon this cute book called "When I was a kid" written by a Malaysian living in America.

I read a few pages from a sample I found his stories to be funny. His cute comic style helped to enhance the comedy as well. On top of that his stories are (almost) daily snippets of his life, so they arent long winded and boring. I didnt have enough money to buy it (RM34), but I saw his website on the back cover, I followed the link and I discovered a treasure trove of his comic-blog-diary with postings of his everyday life starting from 2007 and still going on till today. This is one web-comic I will be reading for quite a while.... heheheh

Do like his Facebook page at and give him some support ya!

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  1. Wow it's great that you work at a workshop. talk about cool mechanical guy. btw thanks for the info, I love that blog to bits!