July 25, 2010

New look, new name

Yeup, about time to freshen up my blog from something dark and dreary.

And for those who may not have noticed, now I type with my posts in the middle like this,

when I used to start from the side like this.

Come to think of it, I think it's high time I change the name of my blog as well. Life in The Fast Lane doesnt seem to suit the mood of my blog these days (in fact it doesnt suit my blog AT ALL. How did I pick this name in the first place...)

"Life is A Highway" sounds nice but not at all original,

"It's A Deric Life" is a teeny bit original, a lil' bit catchy maybe?

Cant think of other nice blog titles now... I think I'll stick to the first one until I get something better. Suggestions anyone? =]

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