July 17, 2010

National Service

Maaf! 930114xxxxxx anda tidak terpilih untuk menyertai PLKN Siri 8/2011. Terima kasih.

Originally, I never wanted to go for national service, especially when the goal is to promote racial unity and patriotism *koff*, and also when the selection of trainees is completely random. It doesnt matter if you're a president of a society or the most active member in the club or a national level competition entrant or some juvenile Mat Rempit or a gangster or just an Average Joe/Jane, it all boils down to L-U-C-K. Very unfair, and I was very against it (still am actually). I mean at least can they BASE it on certain criteria like co-curricular activities and school discipline records? If one is co-curricular-ly active, has good discipline, not racist and loves their country *koff*, why should they be chosen? It defeats the purpose when the good eggs have to go while thousands of no-lifers still freely roam about up to their mischievous ways. But now that I'm not chosen, I guess I should just shut my mouth.

But now that I'm not chosen, and seeing responses from friends that want to go but werent chosen, or those that were chosen, didnt take the news too well but were told that it's actually a great experience, is kind of making me feel bummed that I wasnt chosen to go. Its a once in a life time thing.You meet new friends, and get new experiences. And maybe, juuuuuust maybe, I couldve been going to the same camp as her. Probability is small, but who knows? But then again, after a few (actually VERY few) NS deaths, food poisoning, all that marching, I'm not too sure. Gosh I hope she'll be okay. Erm er anyway as I was saying, I could use those 3 months to help out my uncle (or maybe dad) at his workshop, where I could get a very healthy jump start to my automotive endeavours, FINALLY PROPERLY learn Cantonese/Mandarin (yes, wor zhe banana liao~) and spend some quality bonding time with dad/uncle.

Maybe I'll trade that M16 for some grease, oil, a toolbox and spare parts after all....

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