July 11, 2010

F1 Boring?

The amazing sights and sounds of the Formula 1 2000-2005 generation as shown by Michael Schumacher in 2003 around Albert Park in Australia. The screaming V10s, the cameras actually shaking trying to keep pace as they fly around the race track. That was what made F1 so exciting back then. Especially the noise. Man that was really the essence of F1, I.M.H.O. I mean, have a sample of last year's race at Australia:

They're nothing but dull, boring drones. They dont sound anything like the F1 cars of before. I could sleep listening to today's F1 racers, but I never get fed up of watching videos of F1 cars with those V10 engines up to 2005, or maybe even some V12s back in the 1980s and 1990s. Even 5 years after being replaced by smaller V8s with lower rev limiters, they will always own today's F1 engines.

Then there are the looks. Good, sleek looking F1 racers (used to) look like these:

But now, they look like silly toy cars:

They have that funny, odd-looking fin at the back,

and the front wing is waaaay too wide, the rear wing waaaay too narrow and too tall. It's very very un-proportional, and not what I'd call attractive.

And then they had to do away with refueling during pit stops. Now all they can do is change tires. Which isnt really that exciting to watch. At least with refueling, they could plan strategies, short refuels or filing the tank to the brim, the fans at home will be wondering if their favourite team's strategy would pay off or not, will the splash-and-dash get the driver out just ahead of their rivals, the element of suspense just made things all the more exciting. Not to mention the occasional pit stop fires. Now all that is gone. *poof*

And is it me, or are the domination-styled F1 seasons now Dullsville as well? I mean Michael Schumacher and Scuderia Ferrari winning 5 world championships from 2000-2004 didnt sound so boring, but with Brawn GP last year and Red Bull this year making clean sweeps each race weekend, the phrase "Ugh, again?" seems to be rather common.

Lastly, there are the races itself. There's barely any overtaking these days, let alone wheel-to-wheel battles that go on for several laps between 2 or maybe even more drivers. Now for the most part, with that boring droning, they just follow each other around and around and around. And when they finally DO try to overtake, and if they pass or not, there wont be any action from them for the next several laps, if not at all. And then there's the sense of speed - or lack thereof. As you could see in the first video, the cameras were actually shaking and swinging about trying to keep up with Michael. It really did sound and look like they were racing at really high speeds. Try watching F1 on the TV today, you wont get any of that sensation. Okay, maybe with super sharp HDTVs, better cameras and more skilled cameramen, images are much sharper and clearer, but really, watching F1 just isnt that thrilling as it used to be.

Boring sounds, uninteresting looks, lack of competition, lack of race action and sensation. That sums up F1 today pretty much, doesnt it?

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