June 5, 2010

Need For Speed World Update 2

This "Disconnected from server" issue really is not doing me any favours at all with playing this game. I can never play for more than 10 minutes before I get cut off.... Hopefully the guys from EA have a solution to this. But anyways today I've managed to try out pursuit chases. In NFSW you engage in one by hitting any police car that might be patrolling around the game, and the rest is pretty much the same as in Undercover, Carbon and Most Wanted. No glitches at all so far, runs well on windowed mood, is stable with Firefox in the background and the recording tool I used to take these photos (as well as a sample video) which is FRAPS does not seem to interfere with the game at all. Vinyl editing has also become extremely easy and I'm sure the easiest since Carbon. So in a nutshell, it's a good, visually impressive game, simple to use interface, but the main drawback thus far is the unstable connection...

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