June 3, 2010

Need For Speed World

*aherm* Did anyone see that last entry on Sunday?  No? Ok good. *sweeps under the rug*

Aaaaanyway  I'm back after having finished exams today (actually Friday but who cares about Sivik and PJ?) and to start off.... Jeng jeng jeng....

As any Need For Speed fan would know, the gaming series is currently developing its next release called World for the PC, and is the first Massive Multiplayer Online Racing Game (MMORG) since Motor City Online (which frankly I never knew existed), but for me, this will be my first time playing any online game of any sort (Oh wow I'm coming out of my entertainment shell, yay). Having missed out on Shift (now when I think about it, I dont know why I didnt buy the game), I couldnt wait to rejoin the series since Undercover (which wasnt exactly a wow game, but not bad either) and after following each game starting from the Playstation 1with NFS 2:


NFS 4 (High Stakes),

NFS 5 aka Porsche Unleashed, 

then on the PS2 with NFS Hot Pursuit 2, 


Underground 2,

Most Wanted, 


and Prostreet (which frankly was a letdown)

Okay fine, I didnt play the very first NFS game (boo) but hey, 11 out of 12 isnt bad right? And now with NFS World on the way, make that 12 out of 13. Wooo~ =D

Anyways back to NFS:W, so the guys at EA decided to let the public be the ones to test the beta version of the game (you can too, its not too late) by signing up at http://world.needforspeed.com/, apply for the beta, follow some procedures which are pretty simple, and just wait. Myself, I've been waiting for 1 1/2 months, and finally today (such great timing) I got the confirmation email from EA notifying I've been picked for this beta testing session which runs till Sunday, 13th June. Now I got SOMETHING really worth doing for the first half of the holidays~ *squeals* Of course, being a loyal follower of the series I am, I was euphoric, since out of the (probable) millions who applied, this beta consists of only over 150,000 people. That's a freaking small chance of actually getting chosen, and I'm one of them! *Light shines form above* But not to worry, with each beta the number of participants increases as well so that more and more people will have a chance of testing this brand new game. And when NFS World IS released, and it (very hopefully) becomes a major success (hopefully knocking DoTa or WoW or Maple off their thrones, although unlikely) there wont be any better feeling than being part of the contribution in developing this game. *Light shines down again* Buuuuuut of course before I can start.....

I'll try to get pictures and maybe even a video or two, so stick around if you don't wanna miss those~

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