June 4, 2010

Need For Speed World Update 1

I'll be effectively be in Twitter mode with this game, keep your eyes peeled for the updates to pile on as I make my way through the game (that is if you bother). So here's my first update batch:

After a few times of being unable to connect to the servers to start last night, I finally managed to log in. Controls are smooth, overall appearance looks nice. Nice collection of cars to start with (Me choosing the Nissan Silvia S15. Other cars in higher classes include the Cayman S, GTR and Gallardo LP560.)  I had to set my resolution to 800 x 600 and medium graphics details if to play smoothly, with the default 1024 x 768 and High details being slightly choppy for my Nvidia GeForce 8400GS @ 512MB to handle. After trying my first race in Single Player mode, I (again) got disconnected from the server and the game closed. Tried again, this time with a Multiplayer Race, but I get a network error (see the last pic). So I decided to customise my Nissan Silvia and (again......) disconnected from server. Wait, before you point the finger at Streamyx, I'd clarify that other players around the world are having this issue too. Well, I'll just keep playing and giving feedback to EA so that this game runs better.

Note the error message in the box at bottom left

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