August 30, 2009


Holidays are ending.... cant believe I didnt spend a single day studying, finals are a month away, still got these untouched:

3 Bio chapters
2.5 Physics chapters
2 or 3 Chem chapters
1 or 2 Sejarah chapters
2 Add Maths chapters
2 Modern Maths chapters
1 Sivik Folio
2 Moral Kerja Amal reports

And all of these have to be crammed in the next 1 month... Aihh......

And then there's the BSMM farewell party.. damn it, had to be postponed so much because of SOME people delaying the finalisation of the board, then the actual day we had settled to do it (15th August) turned out be a replacement school day, then the Ramadan month began so early this year taking up September, everything have to tangguh tangguh tangguh...... so that means exams, projects and this occasion will be mashed up all together.... Aihhh...........

Im losing motivation to go for badminton training every Sunday... none of my badminton gang goes anymore, and whatever regime I've been doing since I joined at age 7 Im still doing now 9, NINE years later. Moreover without my kakis to join me, it gets really boring and not worth spending RM5 on. Aihh.....

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