July 21, 2009



Our Malaysian education takes a giant leap backwards with PPSMI thrown out the window come 2012. A lot of us are complaining, I'm no different. Sure, My generation will be out of school and not having to worry, but what about our children? Our future? Reverting PPSMI back to Malay does nobody ANY good at all. Heck, let me ask you, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin:


1. English is an international language, and in the field of Maths and Science GLOBALLY, what language is used to communicate? ENGLISH! Is it BM? NO!

2. Who were the people who had that 2000+ people rally to abolish PPSMI? ADULTS! But who are the ones going to school to learn? CHILDREN AND TEENAGERS! Have we widespreadly complained about reverting the PPSMI??? NO!!!! So why change that, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin? Huh??? Instead of caring about the future of your country you decided to cave-in to the measly complaints of 2000 ( minute number compared to our hundreds and thousands of students) adults ( who are in fact the irrelevant people in this) who are just making noise without any reasonable, sensible, logical and rational cause. Isn't that right, Mister M.O.E?

3. Oh, the rural folk are struggling with PPSMI. Are they the majority group of student and teachers? NO! Just because they cannot cope with PPSMI doesnt mean you just throw away the whole system! Why cant you consider training to ramp up their English fluency??? Dont you realise that more people are coping well with PPSMI rather than those who dont??? Just to favour this petite group of people you make the whole student-teacher population suffer. Logic??? I think not.

4. Think about this flow of language usage for a Form 1 student this year:

Form 1- English....
Form 2- English....
Form 3- English....
Form 4- WHAM!! Malay! From primary school right until after PMR, Every single term phrase and definition has to be relearned in BM!! CAN YOU TELL ME HOW TROUBLESOME THAT IS FOR THEM???!!!!

Form 5- Malay


THINK!!!! Do we use Malay to study science/maths courses in any collage?? NO!! ENGLISH!!!!!!! So why do you want to trouble us with so much translating and adjusting to?? It does not make any sense!! You say that the changes is a good move just because performance in exams are dropping? HELLO!! If they excel in Maths and Science in BM, how are they to cope on the world stage which speaks ENGLISH?!

Your change was just to make 1/10s of your people happy, but little do you know that you've made 9/10s of your country UNHAPPY. Then let me as you this final question:

After floods of anger-filled feedback against abolishing PPSMI throughout all forms of the media, the move still stands. SKIN COLOUR perhaps?


Another thing that really gets on my nerves... History and Moral.... Lets start with History:

The thing I HATE most about it is that it is absolutely REDUNDANT. Well, the history we learn in Malaysia at least. Come on, we want to be doctors and engineers and accountants, why on earth do we need history for???

"Well, some of us like it and we want to learn about it and be historians blablabla...."

Form a History Society in school then!!!! Or go study history yourself!!!! I can bet, only a very teeny tiny number of peope actually LIKE history and would consider it as a career option. Why in blazes must be a COMPULSORY SPM subject??!!!! Whats the point of learning history?? Everything that has happened, has already happened. We cant do anything about it, we cant change it, just ignore the damn things and move on with life already!

"We can learn from the mistakes made in the past and we can learn from historic role-models blablabla...."

Lets face it, how often do we (or do we even BOTHER to) really make use of it in everyday living? How often do we refer to historical events and people in daily living? Hmm?

Form 4 History sucks. Why is there so much Islam to learn??? What use can we make from 5-6 chapters with EVERYTHING about Islam??? What is the point of me learning about Nabi Muhammad s.a.w, Makkah, Madinah, Bani Umaiyah or whatever? For goodness sakes why, WHY should I learn Islamic history if I want to further studies in the automotive/motor sports industry??? Why should aspiring accountants learn about Islamic history??? Why should aspiring doctors, veterinarians, programmers, designers, pilots, etc. etc. ever need it??? Why cant it be just an optional subject for those who REALLY want it, instead of forcing us all to wear songkoks and be named Muhammad???

I also HATE having to memorise all the *&@%#@&*(#&!(#* damn things in it. Exams are about testing what you UNDERSTAND, NOT MEMORISING!! Why should I split my brain in half to remember all these freaking damn things that I cant be bothered to learn and will have absolutely no use in my life and ambitions???

"No, no, you cant do that. You have to imagine it as a story, then you can understand...."

The fact of the matter is these "stories" for which I have to read are utterly BORING, UNAPPEALING, UNINTERESTING, DULL, USELESS, IRRELEVANT, UNIMPORTANT, AND POINTLESS!!! If I'm already never inclined to read these stories what's the point? This whole subject is pointless. In fact, everything I do for this subject is pointless.

"Hey, get A for History mer, can improve chances to get scholarship you know...."

Look, just because you dont get a scholarship doesnt mean you automatically are not qualified to further your studies. Why all the fuss??? Furthering studies may be (much) harder, but by no means is it impossible. Besides, some companies/societies/organisations may give loans (Proton Edar for example) if you meet minimum grades for only relevant subjects, so should I worry about that A for History? NO!

"Aiya, if you really work hard at it then can get A lor, then your chances for better scholarship is higher lor...."

As I have mentioned, I HAVE NEVER had the slightest minuscule interest for history, I cant be bothered.

To top that off, have this for a thought:

Interviewer (Int): So, John, you're here to apply for position of accountant for CIMB Banking?

John: Yes sir.

Int: Right. Lets start shall we. What can you tell me about Tok Janggut?

John: Uh...... I dont know.... but is that even.....

Int: Im sorry, but if you dont know your history, you cant apply for the job of accountant. Goodbye.

Really? Will this ever happen?


Moral. The whole point of this bloody subject is to memorise, memorise, memorise, memorise, memorise, memorise, memorise, memorise, memorise, memorise.

32 THIRTY TWO, moral values and definitions, 76, SEVENTY SIX key phrases. Total items to MEMORISE: 108.

And you know what's the suckiest thing about it? Every single word, spelling, sentence structure, prefix, suffix, MUST BE 100% same as in the scheme! A teeny tiny bit off target, thats it, your whole question (essay's the worst) and marks fly away. Example:

Nilai: Bertanggungjawab

Definisi: Kesanggupan diri seseorang untuk memikul dan melaksanakan tugas serta kewajipan dengan sempurna.

Lets just say I write the value "Tanggungjawab". WRONG! WHOLE FREAKING QUESTION WASTED!

or " ...melaksanakan dan memikul tugas...." WRONG!

or maybe even "Kesanggupan diri SEorang..." WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!!

That's not all, the entire scheme itself is a sad case. You cant just answer as how you understand the question or your facts. You have to "know what the scheme wants. You cannot answer anything else apart from the marking scheme." How the f*ck am I supposed to know what the f*ck the shit scheme wants?! Why is it that the scheme wont accept the most logical, sensible, and practical of answers? That is already something illogical, and irrational!

"Oh, I'm sorry, but your answer is not in the scheme. I have to mark you wrong." Is this what is meant by testing what you understand??! Over my dead body! *spit*

I mean come on, what kind of rationale is behind a subject to be taught in this manner? So what if I can memorise all 108 items? What does that prove? I may still be a rapist who can recite every single word and detail flawlessly. I bet even Mr Yassin HIMSELF cant remember all of them.


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