June 9, 2013

I ride a car.

How's your weekend? Mine was quite tiring.

After halfday work yesterday, I went out to help bring back my uncle's car from a workshop in Puchong. Later in the evening we went to visit my aunt who's come from Australia for her annual trip. We had dinner, spent time at home chatting and watching some TV, before going back at 11. And then after that I washed my clothes before finally going to sleep at 1am.

7 hours later I'm awake again as I got ready for the Blue Jackets' participation in Tasputra Perkim's charity fund raising event. As per title. Tasputra Perkim is a charity home for special needs children located in Ampang. Yeah, it's quite a distance.

About 40 members joined the event to help raise funds for the home. How? Well, knowing they're a supercar club, what other way than to offer the public a taxi ride around Ampang for a fee. RM20 for a random ride in any car, or RM50 to choose a car of your liking. 

Just after the cars arrived, the heavens opened, and opened quite widely as it rained for 1 and a half hours or so. And I chose to keep the umbrella at home. Blergh.

Meanwhile I explored the place a little, with foods, drinks, games and some other stuffs for sale. One of the supercar owners bought something like 2 boxes of cupcakes from a stall and then told the lady to give them for free to everyone. Charity couldnt be more awesome on a personal scale than that.

When the sun finally came out, the taxi rides began. RM20 is reasonable, but an extra RM30 to choose what car you want to ride in I feel is really quite steep. I stood in the queue thinking which option to choose. Finally one car came, and I just blurted out "I'll go in that!" and bye bye went RM50.

The car in question?

A Ferrari 430 Scuderia!!!

Indeed it was an exhilarating, and while I did say in the video RM50 was well spent, well, thats still quite an amount for a 12 minute ride. At least the experience was priceless I guess. I come back feeling drained, and it doesnt help that I woke up this morning with the early symptoms of another common cold coming my way. Gergh. Here's to a slightly softer week ahead.

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