May 27, 2013

One of those weekends....

.... which were more interesting than others.

Friday was Wesak Day, I had the day off from work and spent it at SJBA for their annual Wesak celebrations. We sang songs, we waved flags, we had Datuk Hannah Yeoh and Wong Chen drop by for a visit, then I hanged around lepaking with friends and help promote their upcoming Teen Dhamma Camp. TDC is a camp similar to the Youth Dhamma Camp which I joined last year, but for the younger age group of 13-19 year olds. I had lots of fun and thoroughly enjoyed the day!!

On Saturday after my half-day at work I went over to Stadium Merdeka to witness Porsche Club Malaysia's attempt at setting a record for the largest Porsche cars gathering in the country. Although they didnt reach their 200+ attendance target, they still managed to set a record with 152 cars. Later in the evening I went over to Dataran Merdeka where I would watch (some) of the Porsches join in the Citrawarna/Colours of Malaysia 2013 parade. Braving the slight rain, I managed to capture the entire convoy on video which you can watch below. It was quite the pity though because another convoy called Lady Bikers with their much much louder motorcycles made the Porsches look absolutely tame and timid. Cant wait for a gang of Ferraris or Lamborghinis to avenge this humiliation.

Then on Sunday I headed over to The Summit where there was a roadshow for the latest Fast and Furious 6 movie. There were some cars on display, remote controlled cars, and the one that caught my attention, a Gran Turismo 5 simulator complete with pedals, steering wheel and bucket seat. Since it was free and I had nothing else to do on a Sunday afternoon I thought, oh what the heck, lets have some fun. So I registered my name (thinking it was to queue up to play), waited, and watched all these little kids who probably just started primary school making an absolute mess of crashing and smashing their cars. I know they are just kids but, as a (former) avid racing gamer it's just an utter cringe to watch.

So then came my turn, and despite never having myself play with a racing simulator, I managed to win the two-lap race against computer AI. I was very sure the difficulty was set to the easiest level when a guy after me still won despite going off track and hitting the wall a few times. Whatever, apparently because I had registered myself earlier, winning the race earned me a free ticket voucher to watch the movie! For the first time in many many many years have I actually won something! ANYTHING!!!!! Havent used it to watch the movie yet though. I might end up giving it to a friend since I've never been a fan of the series. Or perhaps I'll go watch with a bunch sometime soon...

I'm a winner!!

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