April 26, 2011

Life, Chapter 2: College (Preface)

A drop or two of tears welled up in the eyes of a mother and her son as he left his little hometown of Sitiawan to further his studies and start a new part of his life in the bustling township (not actually a city) of UEP Subang Jaya. Although I have been staying here for a few days before this for my interview, yesterday would be the actual starting point of my new life, the day I packed my bags and moved on to face the new challenges and aspects of life that await me.

Since college has yet to start (orientation this Saturday), I've spent my first days here with dad cleaning and setting up my new home, especially since I shifted in with all my rubbish stuffs and some important items (i.e chairs, tables). The apartment before this was bare and empty. At least now it has a more homely feel to it.One major issue we're having at the moment though is one of the bathrooms does not have any water supply. Luckily there's a second bathroom and that one works fine. Dad had already called a plumber to fix it tomorrow morning. How/where did we find one so fast?

One of the (maybe it's THE) best things (and also worst, but more on that later) about the apartment here is the location. It's located just within walking distance of sundry shops, food outlets, a barber, a plumbing shop and even a clinic. If we cant find what we need here, Taipan Business Centre (banks, electric appliances, but have yet to fully explore the place) and Giant are just short drives away, and I mean VERY short. I could even compare it to driving around Sitiawan. Lots of other eateries and shops are littered around USJ. A very convenient place to live, this is. If the mood or occasion calls for it, The Summit USJ is also very nearby for lepak-ing purposes. I've never lived this close to a shopping mall before!!! xD

Now, the one major downside to living here though is the jam. It's absolutely awful. USJ (and also Petaling Jaya where my college is) just happens to be connected to the Federal Highway, which is THE most congested highway in the Klang Valley. It's akin to the main vein in your body; the smaller veins and venules from your fingers, toes, organs, etc will all eventually connect to the vena cava. So here, we have smaller highway branches coming in from Subang Jaya, Shah Alam and other places all linking to just the one main stretch of highway. And with so many cars from so many places entering the F. H. during peak hours, nightmare jams become part of daily life. Oooowwhhh dear~

Some other things about living here are the large number of foreigners (Myanmarese, Thais, Bangladeshis, etc. Not British, Aussies or American... Sorry to disappoint). Every single day when I walk out to eat, or even from my apartment unit, I will most definitely see and hear at least one foreigner. And no, they arent good looking either. =/

Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport is not that far away from here either, and as a result passenger/cargo jets
 tend to fly relatively low as they prepare to land/just take off. Heh, I was already awaken by one on my first night here, and that one flew seriously low; shaking up the whole place.

Heavy rain and thunderstorms seem to be the norm here, especially in the evenings. Geographic factor I guess, being located in the Klang Valley.

And well, that about gives a rough picture of what my daily life will be like. Next major update in 4 days~ :)

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