August 30, 2010


Been ignoring my blog for a good 3 weeks, making way for SPM trials... Tomorrow, Sivik and PJ... But who gives a shit actually? And after this our dear ol' *cough cough* is gonna bombard us with intensive SPM exercise. For 2 months. Everyday. Tambah lagi all the 5-years series SPM books so kindly given us for free, all in the name of churning out a bunch of nerds with 10A+ on their SPM certs, not giving a damn of how sickening it will be for us to do these exercises like, quite literally, slaves, since it's an ORDER. SPM SPM SPM, A+ A+ A+. Why not handle the pathetic fools that make up for half the school's population first? What's the point of bragging about a class of 10A+ students if you cant fix the entire school's discipline problems? No wonder your motto was "Full steam on academics". Sheesh.


Driving with mum, STILL not fun. Being her passenger, now teeters on the edge of miserable. Okla, you very guai driver, never break any rules, but why la must you horn and scold people so much.... Damn malu la especially when you horn my friends.... People just drive a little bit not to your liking need to horn la, scold la (even when the windows are up and the only person who can hear your tirades is me), tailgate the fella, ishh... Yala they memang dont own the road, but neither do you... Dont expect the whole world to drive to your pleasure and liking...


*Aih*... Another year without any world badminton champions for Malaysia... But


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