December 17, 2014


Over the past weekend I lent my time and energy helping at SJBA's Youth Buddhist Camp (YBC). Similar to the Youth Dhamma Camp I joined 2 years ago, but now they've dropped the Dhamma aspect and have taken a new approach to organising their year-end camp.

I didnt actually join it as a participant or a committee due to working commitments, but after Guan Sheng (of GuanyGuan TV) and Pei Hao called me to drop by and boost manpower, I happily agreed to it even if it was only for a day and a half. 

Upon reaching the Srijayanti Temple in Sentul I received warm welcomes from all those I knew. That made me happy :) Not too long after their lunch break I was already called away from camp to help a new friend Leon whose car was having engine problems. I accompanied him to the service center, had it fixed, and there went half of the afternoon. Not that I'm complaining.

After that we went to a nearby field where I stood aside and watched the participants play Quidditch....

 Later at night I helped the committees set up the place for their Cryana Mitra activity which lasted well into the AM, and by 3.30 my eyes couldnt keep open anymore when the the others were (seemingly) well awake and energized~

3 and a half hours later and we're all up again and ready to leave for the camp's KL Race finale.
As luck would have it, Guany's car battery was completely flat that morning. Me and Pei Hao spent the best part of 2 hours searching for a shop that would open on Sundays, and finally buying a new battery. If only I had my jumper cables with me.

With that out of the way me and Pei Hao then drove over to KTM Kuala Lumpur station to standby our leg of the KL race. We made participants search the station for locations/landmarks and have them take a group photo with the marks.

Once all the groups had finished and left I had a 5 minute panic episode when I couldnt find my car keys. Thankfully Pei Hao found them hanging on the door keyhole. That pretty much was my story in YBC.....

*Might be continued*

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