August 30, 2014

Life Updates

It hasnt been as long as I thought since my last write up here.

Ten days after my previous posting , I lost my phone at work. I suddenly realised it wasnt in my pocket anymore, and a frantic morning's search wasnt successful. By lunch time I had conceded that my phone was no more.

Which was somewhat.... I dont know, a silver lining of sorts because shortly before that the phone had trouble maintaining a steady signal; fluctuating from zero to full coverage almost anywhere. Then one time the alarm didnt ring, and another one time it suddenly turned off by itself. On the side, I've been consistently poked fun at for "not having a smartphone".

I got a replacement Lumia 525 the next day. I've always been eyeing the Lumia series as the next step, although I didnt think it would come in this manner.

Yeah, the Nokia family photo will never be complete now sadly.

That being said, I'm quite happy with the 525 so far. Lack of camera flash to double as a handy torchlight my only gripe at the moment, and even that's not a major issue. :)


Yesterday evening I was called to my boss's room. I was told I would be temporarily transferred to Batu Caves to assist with the lack of service advisors there. 

It had to be the new guy eh.

I dont mind transfers but the sheer distance is more than enough to make me cringe. I will be reporting there starting Tuesday. So I was told that temporary transfers there would wind up being permanent.

I hope they have something to help balance out the traveling costs.

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