December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013


Another year is about to end.

Many things have happened this year.

Some were good.

Riding a Ferrari sportscar for the first time in my life.

Watch race cars live in action on the streets of KL and nearly going deaf.

The amazing internship at Mercedes-Benz.

Attending my first ever motorshow, indulging in cars and girls alike.

Get up close with a whole generation of Formula 1 race cars.

And of course, spending time with my second family, my second home, the SJBA Youth Section at the many events they've done.


But with all things good, there were not so good things as well.

Car battery got stolen.

Car window got smashed for an unknown reason.

Discovering my offered job at Mercedes was taken over by another trainee/intern.

Ongoing family struggles.

But well, whats life without some ups and downs. There's bound to be some year in year out.

So with one chapter done, here's to another. One that's filled with more of goods and less of not so goods.

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