November 20, 2013

Kuala Lumpur International Motorshow 2013


Yesterday marked my first ever visit to KLIMS, which was held at the Putra World Trade Center. Now then, before I get on to the business end of this post, let me share my experience in preparing to get there, because I have never been to PWTC before. Those like me would find this bit most helpful.

How to go to PWTC by LRT (for utter newbies and dummies)

I'm being specific because this is so far the only way I know. Buses and driving, I'm afraid you'll have to look elsewhere. Sorrwy. =(

First, I wanted to know where the building is. Yes do have my phone's GPS but I thought it was more convenient to take public transport so as to not worry about jams and parking by the roadside and getting saman-ed. I searched on Google Maps, and I got this:

Something didnt seem right because the KLIMS website says its within walking distance from the PWTC LRT station  (as you can see, thats a really long walk based on the search result). If I scroll the map up north, I then found this:

Aha, that bright orange-roofed building. Much closer to the LRT station isnt it? Alright, settled!


If you google images of PWTC, notice it has a triangular roof. In the map shown, that's the building labelled as Dewan Merdeka. For those who dont know (like me initially), Dewan Merdeka is part of PWTC.. As you can see there's a bridge from Dewan Merdeka joining the  building across the river. That second building is also part of PWTC. The bigger bright-orange-roofed building isnt part of it. Just for confirmation, I looked at my Nokia Maps and it showed PWTC at where Dewan Merdeka is marked in Google Maps. It seems the people who labelled PWTC in Google Maps didnt do a good job.

So, for those going to PWTC by LRT, just get down at the PWTC station, follow the signage and pedestrian walkway right to the main entrance (at Dewan Merdeka).

Just a little extra info, if you're worried about food and drinks when visiting KLIMS 2013, there's an A&W stall just outside Exhibition Halls 1 and 2. :)

With that done, on with the motorshow; featuring the only two things that make a motorshow:

Cars and GIRLS! :D Photos after the break!

One of the main reasons I decided to go to KLIMS was for the Lexus LFA, 1 of 500 supercars built and none of them are on our roads. This is probably a once in a lifetime chance to see it in person.

The triangular exhaust pipe setup is really unique

 The Toyota Fun-Vii demonstrates a car which incorporates driving and social media. Sounds kinda dangerous if the idea is to tweet while navigating a roundabout.

The winner of some contest by Nissan to design the best looking artsy Almera. If you know who Chuang Xin Yi is send them my congratulations! :D

 You must be proud to have your hardwork featured at such an event eh?

Honda EV-Ster concept car

Funky steering... handle

Not really liking the black diamond effect decal :/ A normal gloss black would have been a lot better. This stand was displaying window tint

Dont these two curves look the same? 

A very convincing display model of Red Bull Racing's RB9  Formula 1 car. The models used at the Formula 1 Challenge booth were glaringly fake.

 Caterham Racing's wasnt too bad either

Drifter girl Leona Chin's BMW!

 I had to wait a long time to get crowd-free time of this Gallardo GT3 racecar. Troop after troop of monkeys kept swamping it; leaning, stepping, sitting and molesting it. I felt like breaking off the giant rear wing and give them a good smack on the head.

That aside, this model was used to advertise another tinting company - Ecotint. I talked with some of the promoters and got a price estimate for their products. RM500 for an entire family sedan (roughly Proton size), inclusive of labour for their base-spec tint. Doesnt sound too bad does it?

There were also two young girls who worked there as promoters. One of them was only 16! *stunneds* They were kinda cute but too bad I didnt get to talk much with them :(

No, those rims really are purple

 Another one of the big names was the latest model Shelby Mustang GT500

Visitors engaged in an interactive game


Seen enough cars? Time for the models!!!

 Overall I think this one's the best.*thumbs up*

 So serious-ed this one...

Big big thank you to all these lovely looking ladies for smiling for my camera! (*^^) *Huggss*

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