October 7, 2013

Welcome, October

October started with a dead modem. I was left internetless for almost a week, but thankfully my treasure chest of Top Gear episodes kept my sanity in check. Besides the re-runs, I had a jolly well packed weekend to write about.

Saturday. It was the last day of a 3-day service campaign organised by my workshop. Myself and 4 technicians worked alongside our German supervisor Mr. Randolf to carry out 30-point inspections on cars that have not been sent to our workshop for more than 2 years. After closing up at 12pm I had an hour's rest before helping the spare parts department with their annual stock check. Their inventory is.... HUGE. It's probably as big as the Kia workshop I had training at last year. About 20 of us went through every single nut, bolt and clip, counting and recording. It may sound easy but we had backaches at the end of the day. At least we're getting overtime payment. :p

I had to cut mine a bit short though. While the rest carried on until 7pm, I had to scram at 5 to get ready for that night's SJBA community project, the YS Soup Kitchen. We joined the Kechara Soup Kitchen for a night of going around KL city giving food to the homeless. It was something totally new to me and it was quite shocking to discover the various (mostly sad and painful) reasons why people can go homeless, even those who have previously led a decent life. 

It was a powerful way to learn to never judge people (although I think in some cases you may still actually be right about the person) and make you think that, if you with your soft bed, Adidas shoes and whatnot, your life sucks, FML and FTW, you're just wrong. We wrapped up at about 1.30am. It's that late because the homeless dont come out onto the streets until late at night.

Sunday. Having slept just under 6 hours, I woke up for my first ever visit to the Asia Klasika Autoshow at the Matrade building. Me and dad left 10 minutes to 9am, first heading to KL Golf and Country Club as I received a tip-off of a gathering of Lamborghinis which would convoy to Matrade. Realising the place was empty, something had to be wrong. Then we chanced upon two of the members who seemed to be confused about the gathering place. We followed them to a nearby coffee shop.

After about 20 minutes, they started their journey and we started following them. Of course, our car being a mere Myvi, its like trying to blow out a forest fire. That didnt matter too much as we were so excited in the moment, we made a terrible wrong turn on the highway (and also missing the U-turn which would have saved us) and ended up making a 8km detour with 4 toll booths. 

Once we finally arrived, we were welcomed to a wide array of famous cars from all eras, all over the world. See what's what after the jump.

Caught up with the bulls again

First generation Ford Mustang GT from the 60s

Ford Mustang Eleanor... look alike?

Like low riders? Memories of GTA San Andreas? Here's a Chevrolet Eldorado

 No idea what this is

Aston Martin DB7 Zagato

 The life and times of Aston Martin

Aston Martin AMV8

Aston Martin V8 Vantage 1998

Ferrari 512 Testarossa

The grandfather of today's almighty Bugatti Veyron, the also-quad-turbocharged, monstrous EB110

1980 Chevrolet Corvette C3

Jaguar E-Type

After about an hour cooking under the sun (and having chosen to wear black), we decided to set off in search of a replacement modem. So we went to Lowyat Plaza, parking our car in Berjaya Plaza before walking over. After getting instructions from my brother, we got our modem in no time. Riding the elevator back to the car park, my dad sensed something was wrong when the elevator made very strong jerks with each floor we passed by. His suspicion grew much stronger when the display kept changing between '1' and 'G'. I too was getting worried. Quickly (and a bit panickingly) pressing the 'open doors' button a few times, we managed to get out on the ground floor. 

Trying to look for other elevators to use, we found that all, ALL of them had no power and the doors were half open. Had we reacted any later we might have been stuck in there for who knows how long.

If you're ever going to Berjaya Plaza try to avoid the elevators.

After reaching home, chowing down on rojak and cendol for lunch, I had the new modem set up and that concluded my not-normal-at-all week.

Before I sign off, here's a video I captured at the motorshow. If you've been reading enough of my blog you should pretty much know what it'll be about. ;) 

Turn up those speakers once again!

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