April 1, 2013

Cleaning out my laptop

No, no April Fools joke here. T_T

Its 11pm... Must wake up early for class.... This is gonna be my fastest post ever!!!

So, in recent days, weeks, months my laptop keyboard was, on some occasions, warmer than I felt it should be. And a lot of the time I can hear my cooling fan spinning at various speeds, ranging from "I can barely hear it, is it actually working?" to "Oh my god it's going to fly out from the casing".

So today, I took it upon myself to open up and tear apart my laptop with absolutely 0 knowledge and 0 experience with disassembling and cleaning it.

So for the first 30-45 minutes or so I went all caveman with my screw driver trying to pry it open (after taking out the screws obviously) but realising something wasn't right when one corner was still tightly sealed.

So then came the help of Uncle Google who gave me this and I was well on my way to successfully opening it.

And so, after about 40 baby screws and fingering with some ultra-delicate plastic bits...

I did it!!!! *Proud geek moment*

I then proceeded to dump out all the hair, dust, skin flakes and dead insects, as well as this great wall of dust which was blocking my cooling fan:

This is all it took to put my fan into constant, unnecessary over drive.

Now, after cleaning out much of my laptop organs, my fan has not made a single sound the whole day. Yes I can feel the air coming out so it is still working. So uh, if you have a laptop that needs cleaning...........


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