April 2, 2012

Electronic Grim Reaper

 This, is my Freecom external hard drive.

And this, is my dear Nokia 6300, although with a lot more scratches since this photo was taken.

I believe that over the period of this last 2-3 weeks, the Electronic Grim Reaper has been checking out these two gadgets of mine:

Firstly, my phone encountered what I would call the 'White Screen of Death'. Twice within one same week, it would automatically restart itself showing a blank white screen while I was using it. And on top of that the backlights wont turn off until I press a button after it has rebooted. 

The next week, again the same thing happened, but what made it unusual was that the screen turned white first, then quickly the sides closed in on the center in a circle pattern, and then restarting.

AND THEN, just this morning I found that the vibrating mechanism stopped working when my phone didnt vibrate when my alarm went off. Instead of the normal bzzz-bzzz-bzzz, bzz-bzzz-bzzz, I got a very weak klk-klk-klk-klk-klk. Upon checking this evening however, it magically started working again.


Next up is my external hard disk. Yesterday I plugged it in for routine file back-upping from my laptop. Normally after plugging in Autoplay would run and I will cancel it. However, after I clicked 'Cancel' this time, there was this error about a G:$ftm file or something like that, data was lost something something. 

Then it started connecting and disconnecting non stop on its own until I unplugged it. 

Then I tried a second time, this time it didnt even connect to the laptop. 

The third time, it connected and disconnected repeatedly, accompanied by some clicking sounds. And for a hard disk, regardless of internal or external, clicking sounds are the #1 signs of impending device failure.

Strangely however, it worked perfectly fine today.

Perhaps these are just innocent glitches. Perhaps these are signs of something serious. Well, I dunno. But deep down inside I have been eyeing a replacement for my 6300 for quite some time. Teehee~

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