November 13, 2011

Hailstorm in Malaysia?

I mean, seriously???

According to the reports a freak storm hit Subang, made trees fall over and branches break apart, and sprinkle the place with little chunks of ice.

Well, it must've been some experience, but too bad (lolsaywhatt?) I wasnt around Subang to witness it...

Just last month I started joining the Subang Jaya Buddhist Association Youth Section (I like to call it SJ-BAYS) and their fortnightly Friday gatherings. It's a very casual chit-chat/acivity-based kind of gathering, but instilled with Buddhist teachings or occasionally we have Buddhist talks. 

So today I volunteered to help my SJBAYS seniors at the Buddhist Gem Fellowship Food & Fun Fair at SJKC Yuk Chai in PJ. We were in charge of the PA system, music playing and the stage lights. So throughout the whole fair we played the music, controlled the PA sound system (ok la, just main-main the volume and jaga microphone), and when we had the cue we turned on the lights for the stage activities (although at first we didnt know how to on the lights so the lion dance had no lighting).

There was a dog show, a magic show, colouring contest for kids, and my favourite was the mask performance by an Indian dude. Really cool. *thumbs up to him*

When we left around 3.30 it was raining crazy-heavy all the way back to Subang (just missed the storm then).

So overall it was a nice way to spend a free Sunday; cant wait for more activities like this... :)

Oh, and I understand tomorrow is the start of SPM, so to any of you candidates reading.... GOOD LUCK AND ALL THE BEST!!! :D

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