November 11, 2009


I know it isnt really a big deal, I know its nothing worth blogging about but....

I CANT HELP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im going to 5Sc1~!!!!!! The very best of the best, top of the heap, cream of the crop in (according to some) one of the best schools in Perak (or just Manjung). Really really sorry to those who didnt make it in, but when I saw the grin on mum's face I knew I'd done her proud, and I'll be waiting for dad and bro to hear this too (not that i think they'll be as excited as me, but as proud as mum). I was starting to get GENUINELY worried when I got 56 for Sejarah and 60 for Moral which put me waaaaaay down the rankings and the top 40 looked out of reach. Thankfully my other 9 subjects pulled me right back up (especially my science subjects) into top 20. I never expected it but I leap-frogged 4 students with only my Physics paper!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!

Maths- 91
Eng- 88
BM- 81
Biology- 81
Physics- 78
Chemistry- 77
Accounts - 77
Add Maths- 76
Moral - 60
History- 56

okay, i know its a really really boasty post... sorry for offending anyone.... cant help it!!!