October 27, 2009


Long sighs of relief for all of us (in ACS at least, hehe), today was the *official* last day of our year end exams... Look what I did to the time table...

I do suppose we all deserve some rest after a year of studying, but I dont think we're quite done yet. We still have quite a bit of the syllabus not completed.... Unless we keep on with teachers teaching (or, of course, spend the holidays self-studying.. >.<), we'll be starting handicapped for next year. I got a teeny bit of BSMM work to finish off, and for me at least, waiting for the results will be unnerving, because according to my exam statistics (position in whole form):

As you can see, my drop of position from mid year to end year gets worse, so what will happen this year? *Fingers crossed*

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